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This site offers information on Industrial Hemp, NOT it's Medical/Recreational cousin, Marijuana. It is designed to offer a simplier overview and portal to helping you navigate your way into the emerging industrial hemp market. General information with links to save you time in researching and connecting.

   Across America and Our Planet, People are Waking Up to the Amazing Qualities of Hemp.
An awakening is rapidly bringing new light to the vast possibilites of what Hemp has and could provide our planet in addressing environmental, social, energy, food, transportation, clothing, and more with products and solutions. This diverse plant is distinguished from its medical/recreational counterpart cousin in ways that many still do not comprehend or know. The information, insights, and links provided here are to, not only educate and connect, but to inspire a portal into collectively creating a sustainable culture on Planet Earth that benefits all life.
Hemp is Truly a Divine Miracle Plant that Shall one Day Soon,
Be a Cornerstone of Living a Balanced, Harmonious Life on Earth.
Below is a great overview video from Doug Fine, a hemp farmer, writer and entreprenur.
Check out his new book 'Hemp Bound' available at